SRS Trust Fund

The Singapore Radiological Society Trust Fund is a registered charity approved by the Commissioner of Charities and registered with effect from 26 June 1998 under the Charities Act 1994. The trust fund was set up by a Trust Deed dated 22 January 1998. The trust fund was formed with the intention of:

  1. Promoting the interests and improvement of the Science of Radiology in Singapore
  2. To encourage research in Radiology in Singapore by making awards of funds for this purpose
  3. To make provision for the establishment and endowment of scholarship, fellowship, travel grants etc. for members of the medical and allied professions in Singapore

The business address of the trust fund is:

Singapore Radiological Society Trust Fund

1 Scotts Rd
#24-10 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

The trustees of the fund are: Dr Pua Uei Dr Winston Lim, Dr David Ng and Dr Tan Bien Peng.

The management committee of the fund are: Dr Pua Uei (Chairman), Dr David Ng (Secretary) and Dr Winston Lim (Treasurer).

The trustees of the SRS Trust Fund dispense grants every year for the purpose of research and visiting fellowships. Applications for these funds are open to  SRS members interested or involved in Radiology. Application opens from 1st – 30th June each year.

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For enquiries, please contact:

Singapore Radiological Society Trust Fund
Tel  : (65)9105 8698
Email  :

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