FY Khoo Lecturer

Dr Khoo Fun Yong is well recognized as the ‘Father’ of Radiology in Singapore. He was the first local radiologist to head the Department of Radiology, Singapore General Hospital. In those days, this encompassed diagnostic radiology and therapeutic radiology as well as nuclear medicine. During his long and illustrious career, he has trained numerous radiologists, many of whom have been or are in leadership positions today.

To honor Dr Khoo for his numerous achievements and the influence he has had on radiology in Singapore, the Chapter of Radiologists, Academy of Medicine, Singapore (now known as the College of Radiologists, Singapore), in conjunction with the Singapore Radiological Society, decided to establish the F Y Khoo Lecture in 2004. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Dr Chow Khuen Wai, Past Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, in 2004, with Dr Khoo Fun Yong as the guest of honor. When Dr Khoo passed away in late 2004, the lecture was renamed the F Y Khoo Memorial Lecture

The lecture will be held annually and delivered during the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Singapore Radiological Society (SRS) and the College of Radiologists, Singapore (CRS).

2004Dr Chow Khuen WaiPast Master, Academy of Medicine Singapore
“Reflections of a Septuagenarian – Radiology: Past, Present and Future”
2005Dr Khor Tong HongRadiation Oncologist, Mount Elizabeth Oncology Center, Singapore
“Brachytherapy – One Man’s Meat, A Personal Journey in Radiation Oncology”
2006Dr Adrian K DixonProfessor of Radiology, Aldenbrooke’s Hospital, UK)
“Education, Professionalism, Outsourcing and the Future of Radiology”
2008Dr Joseph WeeClinical Trials and Epidemiological Sciences, Humphrey Oei Institute of Cancer Research,
NCC, Singapore
“Nasopharyngeal Cancer Workgroup – The Past, the Present and the Future”
2009Dr Boey Hong KhimDiagnostic Radiology, SGH, Singapore
“The Evolution of Radiology from Paraclinical to Clinical”
2010Dr Richard BaumNuclear Physician, Bad Berka, Germany
“Ectropy and Entropy –
How Molecules Talking to Each Other Create the Fascination of Molecular Imaging”
2011Dr Vijay SethiChairman Medical Board & Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology,
National Cancer Center Singapore
“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”
2012Prof Wang Shih-ChangDiagnostic Radiology, Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney, Australia
“Why Radiologists Need Philosophy”
2013Prof David TownsendA-STAR-NUS Clinical Imaging Research Center, Singapore
“Imaging the Invisible – From Physicist to Physicians”
2014Prof Lenny TanInterventional Radiologist, National University Hospital, Singapore
“Personal Reflections on Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology”
2015Dr Chua Eu TiongRadiation Oncology, National Cancer Center Singapore
“Physics, Physicians and Philosophies”
2016Dr Tan Bien SooInterventional Radiology, Singapore General Hospital
2017Prof. Wilfred PehKhoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore
“Known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns in Radiology”
2018A/Prof Francis HuiNational Neuroscience Institute, Singapore
“The Radiologist’s Patient”
2019Dr Valerie P JacksonRadiological Society of North America United States
“Dealing with Difficult People”
2021Assoc Prof Ong Chiou LiKK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore
“Ultrasound Everywhere”
2022Dr Yang Wei TseUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
“Breast Radiology in 2042”

Lifetime Achievement Award

2014Dr Chow Khuen Wai
Dr Tan Kim Ping
Dr Tan Ban Cheng
2015Dr Kho Kwang Mui
Dr Chua Eu Jin
Dr Lenny Tan
2016Dr Anthony Goh
Dr Khor Tong Hong
2017Prof. Thomas Chee
Dr. Khoo Teng Kew
Dr. Felix Sundram
2018Dr. Robert Kwok
Dr. Vijay Sethi
2019Prof Joseph Wee
Dr John Hoe
Dr Ng Fook Cheong
2022Dr Richard Lo
Prof Wilfred Peh

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