Our Committee

Dr Andrew Tan Eik Hock

Dr Tan Cher Heng

Honorary Treasurer
Dr David Tan

Honorary Secretary
Dr Francis Ho

Member 1
Dr Ivan Huang

Member 2
Dr Neo Wee Thong

Member 3
Dr Teoh Wey Chyi

Member 4
Dr Lawrence Quek

Member 5
Dr Brendon Chia

Member 6
Dr Steven Wong

Co-Opted Member 1
Dr Andrew Makmur

Co-Opted Member 2
Dr Charles Goh

Co-Opted Member 3
Dr Balamurugan Vellayappan

Co-Opted Member 4
Dr Charlene Liew

Co-Opted Member 5
Dr Lim Tze Chwan

Co-Opted Member 6
Dr Teo Sze Yiun

Co-Opted Member 7
Dr Shaun Ho

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